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Recipe Card - Shared Brunch Board
Using Sandhurst Fine Foods Premium Wholesale Products
Put the 'we' back in weekend with our Italian version of the  weekend brunch board. 

A classic share plate for weekend patrons which covers all the basics for a leisurely brunch.  No more food envy as your customers can sample all the best you have to offer. 
Preparation Time                              15 Minutes                                                              
Cooking difficulty                             Level 1                                                  
Allergens: Tree Nuts • Sesame GlutenMilk
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Sandhurst Fine Foods Ingredients:

1 unit

Sandhurst Italian Chickpeas

1 unit

Sandhurst Stuffed Green Olives

1 unit

Sandhurst Persian Feta

1 Unit

Mutti Cherry Tomato

I serve

Sandhurst Fig Dressing Spray

1 unit

Sandhurst Pitted Green Olives

1 serve

Sanhurst Pesto
Your breakfast board is only limited to your imagination. 

We've used our range of authentic ingredients to create a selection of tapas style offerings. Including stuffed olives, chickpeas, roasted tomatoes and traditional brunch fare such as bacon, eggs and avocado. 

Offer with soft cheeses, breads and some fresh fruit for a perfect start to the day.  Mediterranean brunch is intended for a crowd so include a little bit of everything.

Sandhurst Fine Foods - Time Honoured Traditions
Time-honoured traditions haven’t simply inspired our business, they are our business. Many of our preserving techniques and recipes are much as they have been for centuries with closely-guarded recipes for marinades and pickling passed down through the generations.

Italian ingredients remain at the heart of our business, but today our wide range of products for both food service and retail markets reflects Australian food trends and tastes with essential ingredients for global cuisines including Mexican, Greek, Asian, Lebanese and South American